Logo Design SCAM: How I lost $1,200 with LogoGeek.uk

Buyers beware! LogoGeek is a SCAM! I have lost my $1,200 with them when I ordered logo and banner design for my blogs! Below is my story of how I’ve been scammed by LogoGeek. Read before you order from them!

My name is Alexander Sklyarski. I run a network of article blogs and not long ago I needed to redesign some of them. I was searching for quality design services and on the 11th of December I contacted LogoGeek.uk. They replied quickly, answered all my questions and seemed very professional. The drafts were ok, and I have made an order for $1,199 total (orders #147-18,148-18,149-18 in their base). They promised to complete the work in 10 days.

After the time was up I waited for 3 more days and contacted them. They asked for 5 more days to complete the rest of work. 10 more days passed – nothing! And they have never replied to all my further letters. I have contacted PayPal that was used for payment. But they refused to compensate for digital product!

Buyers BEWARE! LogoGeek.uk is a FRAUD company that steals your money!!! These guys are scammers. Stay away!

I then did some research and discovered the company had already received negative reviews from other customers. Please contact me anyone who has also suffered from LogoGeek. I will publish your story also. My contacts are below.

I will post this alert on all my blogs now. But I will remove it if LogoGeek returns my money back!

P.S.: Hello Ian!

Alexander F. Sklyarski
Tel.: +1-212-563-3637